Your donation helps make happy tails and is tax deductible .

  • donations
  • adoption fees
  • fund-raising events
  • out of our own pockets
  • Horse¬†Sponsorship’s

We depend on the generosity of kind-hearted people like you !

Please help by spreading the word about us , this helps in so many ways . You never know who the next Angel will be .

Donations of grain, hay, supplements and medications are always needed, so think of us when you have extra to share.

We are also happy to accept used (but still usable) horse-related equipment such as blankets, leads, halters, saddles, bridles,  grooming items ,water and feed buckets, water troughs and lumber are just some of the many daily needs .

We will also pick up your scrap metal to recycle and also accept donations of vehicles .

Discounts on local goods and services are also welcome!

Most of all, we need cash donations. Any amount is greatly appreciated and needed to help us continue our work!