Isabelle  --  Lifer at Ohana

Isabelle — Lifer at Ohana

A Tribute to Isabell
For years I worked very closely with the Pasco County Sheriff’s AG Dept.
When a horse needed to be saved, or was neglected, abused or abandoned I would receive a call from the Corporals that ran the dept. On this one incident, I was told that there were two horses in Moon Lake that were in dire need, and that one they believed had already passed. Hanging in an engine hoist, trying to keep her on her feet.
I researched the area and found a back road that I could access the property to take pictures. What I seen turned my stomach. There was a horse standing in smoke from burning tires and rubbish, she was covered in a blanket. Not a horse blanket but a human blanket with rope tied around her belly. There was no other horse in sight. I wondered, if that is what the burning was.
Unfortunately, I was seen by the children at the property, and they screamed for their parents. The parents came out and the argueing began. I told them I was wondering if they wanted me to bring their horse home to try and put some weight on her. They immediately said NO, that their daughter rode her. I gave them a card and told them if they changed their mind to please let me know. I immediately called AG and told them they refused. I was told that they would be paying them a visit. The next evening I get a call telling me to come get the horse. I explained that we did not like to transport a horse in the dark to a new environment and I would be there first thing.
8am my transporter and I were over at the home. When they took the blanket off by untieing the knot, I got sick to my stomach.
There stood this horse with skin stretched over bones. We had to literally lift her legs up, and push from behind, she was so weak. I did not think she would make the 3 mile ride.
On the way back to the rescue I notified the AG Dept and they met me at the rescue, with their cameras..within 30 min the horse went down, down under the front of the stall with head outside. The two officers said that they should just put her down, she was too far gone. I looked at them, and my son and I started to pull away the boards on the front of the barn so we could get her up. I ran inside and got her a shot of benemine and rammed it into her neck, sat on her and yelled GET UP, you can do this..I know the officers had thought I lost my mind..The horse looked at me and I could see the fight in her eyes. She finally got up…She never went down again. She ate every two hours, for a week…she fought she won. It was a very hard battle because she was very ill with a comprimised immune system due to stavation.
The judge made AG Dept wait one year before charges could be pressed because he wanted to see that the ONLY reason she was so ill is because she was starved..One year later, I get the call from AG, telling me that the man responsible for doing this was arrested and in jail. He also told me that this horse’s recovery and journey was now in the learning books for future AG officers.
Isabell endured 6 surgeries, 5 at Surgi Care to remove cancer from her face and eye. I was not permitted to touch her without gloves for a year because of all the procedures she had with chemo beads being inserted in her face and eyelid. The 6th surgery was done by our vet, who removed yet another HUGE cancer off her face…6 surgeries for cancer in almost 6 yrs…she fought to survive and she fought hard.
Her fighting gave her the opportunity to give special needs children a day they will never forget. She walked them around for hours…AND LOVED IT..
She was able to give ARC adults a wonderful day. She was a model for a session with a body message for horses…She stared in a short film that won awards…She has been in the newspaper, she has been on TV..she had supporters from all over the world..Isabell was loved by many. She fought and won the hearts of many….BUT to me, and if I am selfish please forgive me, BUT…Isabell was my angel.
She gave me the confidence that it has taken over the last 6 yrs to help those horses that are in the worst shape..the ones that did not have a chance…the ones that would not have survived IF SHE HAD NOT GIVEN ME THE CONFIDENCE to help heal those horses.
When that blanket was removed, I said I got sick…I balled like a baby…with the thoughts of THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE THIS HORSE WILL EVER SURVIVE THIS…WHAT CAN I DO??? Isabell was the worst case at the time…I had been rescueing horses for three yrs prior, but those were not as severe as she was..ISABELL was the worst, BUT THE FIGHT IN HER EYES SAID IT ALL….and who was I not to listen to her, and to watch her fight…we fought the battle together..we had our ups and we had our downs, BUT WE DID IT TOGETHER…she made it…and so did I…she gave me the confidence and the ability to really listen to the horses, to tell their stories…
Well now it is time…..her eyes have told me, that she is tired…her body is no longer healable…and once again, I HAVE TO LISTEN TO WHAT SHE IS SAYING…this will be one of the hardest days of my life, but I have to help her go home….
In closing, I must say….SHE IS NOT JUST A HORSE….she was my angel as well as others angel, here on earth, but it is her time to be an angel in heaven…

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